Friday, July 16, 2010

Company, Cats, Birds, and Books

This week we had family visiting from Michigan. Hubby's sister and brother-in-law are such great people. Every time we are together we all say how much we wished we lived closer together. Hubby wants to visit Michigan again, so I'm going to see what we can do about getting portable oxygen concentrator and nebulizer so that he can have his wish.

One of our feral cats just walked by my office window and looked in at me. I think she is telling me they want breakfast. I'm still enjoying my view from this lower floor office. The flowers are in full bloom and each day brings new visitors in the form of bees and butterflies of multiple varieties. Most fun is to watch one of the feral cats try to catch a butterfly. Luckily they are too quick for her.

We put a new bird feeder in the back yard. It has two sides to hold two different kinds of seed. One side is for finches and the other for the birds with larger beaks. It's been too wet and rainy to know if the seed will draw them back or not. We used to enjoy sitting on the deck and watching all the different kinds of birds visiting our yard. Of course the cats became a deterrent, but with this feeder the cats can't get to the birds. Plus, we feed the ferals so well they don't seem to bother the birds at all...speaking of which, I better close off this post and feed the cats.

Have a great weekend, and thank you for stopping by to visit!

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