Thursday, August 12, 2010

Beep, Beeeeeeep, Beeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!!

Yesterday we purchased an intercom system for our home. This way my husband can talk to me without yelling down from the upper level of our home to get my attention when I'm in my office working. What did I do????

This morning I heard the "call" tone and waited for him to say something, but instead he pressed the call tone a little longer.

"What do you need? You are supposed to talk not just press the button," I said.

"Good morning. I'm finished with everything up here if you want to take your shower."

"Thank you."

I return to my desk. Two minutes later, I hear the call button again. And immediately again, a long screeching tone, relentlessly summoning me.

"Why are you pressing the button? Talk to me!"

Nothing. No words. Nothing.

So, did the cat summon me this time? Guess I'll have to go upstairs and find out what's going on.

Oh, well, what did I expect from a man who will let my teakettle whistle, even though he's in the kitchen, until I make it upstairs to turn it off. And, then he laughs and says, "What good is a whistling teakettle, if you can't listen to it whistle? I like it."


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Clare Revell said...

In our house we communicate via MSN or AIM. We don't talk anymore lol. Or he texts me instead.