Friday, August 13, 2010

Killer Mutant Weeds and the Lost Doggy

Yesterday I decided to tackle the killer mutant weeds behind our privacy wall. The wall is to hide the electric boxes and cable boxes which are in an easement in our yard.
This is the wall. We have vines climbing on the wall and a garden of day lillies in front of that. Poor day lillies have not had a good year with no rain. Um, and I see a few weeds I need to tackle in there as well.

This is the area behind the wall after the weeds were removed. Prior to that you couldn't see from where I stood to take the picture to the other side where the cable boxes are. The large green box is the electric box. All were buried in a jungle of mutant weeds. They were as tall as the privacy wall. I was able to cut the top halves off and but then I couldn't pull them out. They were too huge. So I asked my son-in-law to help. Bless him!!

This shows how thick the stalks were.

This is the root system!

I am now thankfully rid of those monsters. I will have to spray roundup faithfully over the next few weeks to make sure they don't grow back again. Don't understand how weeds can grow so quickly and my grass isn't thriving at all.

While here, my little granddaughter lost her stuffed dog which she'd gotten from a fast food kid meal. Though we searched and searched we couldn't find it. She went home in tears. But later, grandpa found it in the basement of all places. So, I called and made her happy by telling her that Dog was found. Dog rested happily on my desk...until this morning. When I came down here, the Dog was gone. I now know the culprits are the cats. None of them are talking. I've scoured the house this morning...and still can't find it. Somehow I must produce Dog since I promised to return Dog to my granddaughter this morning. Hmmm, maybe I should be superstitious about Friday the 13th.

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