Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Camping - A Tool for Writers

You're probably wrinkling your nose wondering what I mean by the title of this blog. If you've never camped, or think camping should be in a hotel with room service, then you haven't experienced the benefits of true camping.

Yesterday, while listening to one of my favorite Christian radio stations, my ears tuned into the benefits of getting away from telephones and other electronic devices. This is exactly why I loved camping with my hubby. We had the cell phone for emergencies only. We kept it turned off. Many places we camped were so far out we didn't have any reception unless we drove into town to purchase supplies. No internet services. I didn't take my laptop. Instead, I took my AlphaSmart. No chance of surfing the internet or reading emails. Believe me, it's relaxing to be cut off like this.

Sitting under a tree, with no interruptions, I could close my eyes and let my mind play out the scenes I planned to write. I would sit and write pages on the AlphaSmart without an inner editor reading back over what I'd written. If you've used an AlphaSmart, you understand why it's the perfect tool for writing a first draft. With only a three line display, you aren't tempted to go back and read what you've written. You just write, write, write.

I miss camping. With hubby's illness, we can't get away any longer. The closest I come is taking my laptop or AlphaSmart to our screened in deck on days when the weather is permitting.

Every writer needs a change of atmosphere from time to time to expand the brain cells. Any other campers out there? Care to share your experiences?

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Clare Revell said...

Church Camp 1986. 150 people from Carey Baptist. Tents, a farmhouse and a barn on top of a hill in Tintgagel, Cornwall.

Hurricane Charley came too. No one left the barn for three days.

Fun times. These days its a house party but just as much fun