Friday, August 20, 2010

Truth is Stranger than Fiction - Creepy!!

One more reason for me to be afraid of spiders. My daughter's air conditioning has been out for the past two days. When the repairman came last evening, he searched and searched, recharged it, and then...found the reason. Are you ready?

A spider had gotten inside and made a web. The web was so big and heavy that it pulled one of the wires loose!!! No sign of the spider...



Chris said...

OMG! Where do you live?! I mean, they're pretty bad here on the lake in Minnesota, but golly!

Carol Ann said...

Actually, Chris, we live in central Ohio. Not sure what kind of spider it might have been, but there's an unseen-as-yet spider around our house that builds huge tunnel-like webs, thick like a cloud. *shudder* I didn't see the web, but I wonder if it was that kind.