Monday, August 23, 2010

Do You Have a Story Box?

In the days of internet and multiple software programs, a lot of authors are keeping everything stored in their computers. I still have a story box.

My story box is a plastic index card holder, filled with multi-colored 5"x8" index cards. I have different color cards for each tab divider. I have a divider for characters, settings, and story ideas.

I use these to write down things that pop into my head. Also, I cut out interesting pictures and place them on the cards. I have quite a few male and female pictures. I place them to the upper left side of the card and when I'm writing a story, I choose appropriate pictures for the characters. I pull them out of the story box, write their names and descriptions and any other little tidbits about them on the card. I keep these displayed where I can easily see my characters while I'm writing.

Sometimes a setting comes to mind, or I see a picture that intrigues me. These go on a settings card. Unique plots pop into my mind, and no matter how silly they sound, I put them on a plot card.

There are many different ways to use story boxes. Mine works wonders for helping me with brand new stories.

Anyone else out there use a story box? I'd love to hear how yours is set up.

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