Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Explosion Heard Around the World

Earlier this morning, I was reading the industry articles in RWA eNotes, and ran across several links to discussions about e-books and e-readers. When I signed my first book contract in 2006, I worried about the feasibility of having my book available both as an e-book and print. An avid reader, I had always loved being surrounded by shelves full of books, visiting book stores, libraries, and waiting eagerly for the next release by my current fav author. Never, would I have dreamed how e-books would become such a popular item only four years later!

With the recent developments in e-readers, competition has ramped up, and prices are falling. And, this means a big change in the mindsets of those who read. The younger generation is going for the latest technological devices, and part of that is being able to read books on their device of choice. This explosion has been heard all around the world.

My first experience with reading electronic books was on an ancient Palm Pilot, no bigger than the size of my palm. I loved carrying it with me and reading in the doctor's office, while waiting in line to vote, on my lunch hour...the list goes on. This year I made the decision to purchase a Kindle. I LOVE it. I can purchase a book I hear about instantly!  I love the fact that I can read my Kindle in the brightest of sunlight. I can make notes about specific passages, look up the meaning of a word, all on the same device. It's fantastic.
And, my decision about e-books? I'm sold. And, I'm very happy as an author to gear my career in the arena of e-books.

One thing I caution any new writers about is to research your publisher carefully before going into contract. There are so many new small publishers popping up that one must be very cautious.

Here is a link furnished in my RWA eNotes which I found amusing and interesting.
Of Two Minds About Books

Which do you prefer: print book or e-book and why?


Diane Craver said...

Glad you got a Kindle. I rec'd my Kindle last Nov. on my birthday from my hubby and kids. I love it too.

Some people are still slow to hop on the ebook reader wagon. While reading on my Kindle at work during breaks, other workers interested in why I wasn't reading 'real books' instead. But some definitely wanted to buy an ebook reader after seeing mine.

Carol Ann said...

Hi Diane! Congrats on getting such a nice birthday present. Sounds like you enjoy your Kindle as much as I do mine. Hey, saw that you had a fabulous review for Marrying Mallory! Congrats on that, too.

Diane Craver said...

Thanks, Carol! I really appreciate Stephanie Christmann writing such a heartwarming review of Marrying Mallory - now I just hope it helps my sales. :-)

Missy said...
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Missy said...

I read the article, I have to say I love the idea of a book bundle, with an e book and a printed book. The only thing I miss about printed books is not getting to share a great book I discovered with a frind who loves to read the same sort of books I do.

There is no debate in my house, my husband and I both love the Kindle! He has read more since I got mine than he probably has in the last 2 years. In fact we may buy a second Kindle just so we don't have to share mine! lol

Great post by the way! Very interesting stuff!

Missy said...

I love the smell of a book store, and have always loved my printed books, but I got the new Kindle for my birthday this year. I have only had it a couple of weeks, but I LOVE it! It is great for people like me because it saves so much space and as you said you can buy books instantly which is a God send for someone like me who lives in a tiny town with no book stores and very limited books at the local Wal Mart! Best birthday gift I have ever got!!! I know many people are still undecided about e books and e readers, but I think any true reader would love one once they try it.

Jill James said...

Nice post. I love my Nook. I live at Barnes & Noble so that was my choice of e-reader. I love print books too, but sometimes, like reading in bed, the Nook is nice.