Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Wanna Go There! - by Dianne Castell

Does where a book set make a difference if you buy it or not? Do you have a favorite place that is an auto buy for you? Scottish highlands, a Texas ranch, New Orleans, a vineyard, a hospital, a hot tub?

I’ve set my last series in Savannah because I loooove the South. I guess it harkens back to my reading Gone With the Wind and I’ve been hooked ever since. Then again I have no desire to visit Germany because I read Frankenstein.

My daughter went to school in Savannah and it was love at first visit. To me there’s nothing cooler than Spanish moss flowing from the trees and the big old homes with a million stories of their own. Savannah is small enough to be intimate and big enough that there’s always something new to deal with. And then there’s the food...dear, Lord, the food!

I love New Orleans books too. The mystery, the ghosts, the food...I think I see a pattern here. Books in Texas are always fun while books set in cold places don’t do a thing for me. Cincinnati has horrid winters all gray and icky. I get enough of winter here.

So what about you? Any auto-buys just because of a setting? Does a small town atmosphere do it for you or are you and LA fan or NYC? Is there a setting that turns you’d rather read the back of a cereal box than read something set in...Utah?

Put in your two-cents and I’ll draw two names and give away a copy of Hot Southern Nights and a copy of Hot and Bothered.

Hugs, Dianne


Clare Revell said...

Lovely post :)

To me, it doesn't matter where the book is set. If the descriptions aren't enough to make me feel as if I'm there, it's a turn off, the characters may as well be in a sterile grey box no matter how engaging they or the story is.

Even in this short post, you gave enough of the atmosphere and setting to pique my interet.

Carol Ann said...

Dianne, thank you for being my guest blogger today! I adore the beauty of the south, the lovely soft southern accents, the flowers. Sigh. A perfect place to set a novel.

Marcia James said...

Hi, Dianne! My favorite setting is Las Vegas, so I tend to buy books set there even if I don't know the author. ;-) My least favorite... That's a hard question. Maybe New York City.

Congratulations on the new cozy mystery series! I can't wait to read it!
-- Marcia ;-)

Saralee Etter said...

Hi, Dianne! What a great post--I love settings, too. Doesn't really matter where it is, as long as the author makes me feel like I'm there.

A great writer can make me fall in love with a place just like I fall in love with a character. I want to see the world through their eyes, and appreciate the things they like about a place...without actually having to go there!

I love places with soft rain, cloudy skies and green grass, but a good writer can make me want to visit a desert (shudder). Or a jungle (double shudder--one for the heat, the other for the bugs!).

I know I'm going to love "visiting" Savannah through your stories! Can't wait.


jodi said...

Hello Diannne! I also like New Orleans. Especially when I read the male talk a little cajun. Ha! Least favorite I don't know I guess the beach. It is hard to say when I love the great outdoors'

Janie Mason said...

Hi Dianne!
I like small town books and Victorian houses. Put a big, old Victorian on the cover and I'd probably buy it.
Least favorite would probably be places with war going on. I want escape when I read romance and the tie to current strife would be too difficult for me to overlook.

Missy said...

I have some favorite settings, but it's not why I buy a book. It all depends on the story!

I love books set in small towns, ranches, etc, but I can't think of any setting where I would not buy the book.

It's all about the story!

Dianne Castell said...

Marcia, I should have known you'd love Las are the luckiest gal I know.

Small towns are so in right now and I think it's because you get to know the characters so well and feel as if you actually live in the place.

Jamie, I love Victorian houes too. And they are sort of mysterious with all the nooks and cranies to hide in.

Dianne Castell said...

Saralee, I fall in love with settings too just like you. It's like a mini vacation.

Dianne Castell said...

Clare, I bet you's love Savannah. It is anything but a gray box. Savannah is truly the South.

Jodi, those Cajun men are some kind of hot! Yummmmmmm.

Missy, I agree. If the story sucks no matter where it's set it's still a rotten book.

Diane Craver said...

Hi Dianne,

We visited Savannah when our kids were small and I loved it. It's a beautiful city. I know what you mean about Cincinnati, Dianne, it is dreary during the winter.

Setting is important to me but liking the characters is definitely more important to me. I have to be invested in the characters right away. I also like unique story lines.

Congrats on your 3 book contract - that's wonderful news! I've loved your previous books so will be sure to watch for your new releases.

Susan C said...

Hi Dianne,
I love Savannah. My husband and I went there for our 25th Anniversary and we had a wonderful time exploring the city.

When it comes to setting, I think it depends on the book. For instance, western books set in Texas. I think the south is the perfect setting for romance novels. There is just something romantic about the south.

Missy said...

My folks have went to Savannah a few times and love it, my dad can't stop talking about what a beautiful city it is. I really hope I get to go some day!

We went through Wyoming when I was a kid on the way to my brothers wedding. Fell in love with it, especially the Grand Tetons.

I guess I do have to admit that I have bought a few books just because they were set in that part of Wyoming. lol

When I read a book it plays like a movie in my head as I am reading, so I love when an author can make you feel as though you are there. I don't care if it's an alley way in NYC, or the top of a mountain in Wyoming, as long as I love the story and can feel a part of it in some way. said...

Hi, Sarahlee, Jodi, Janie, Missy, Diane, Susan...
If you would like a copy of Hot and Bothered just email me at and I'll send one along.
Thanks for chatting.
Hugs, Dianne

Patricia Sargeant said...

I'm coming late to the party! Sorry. :(

The location of the story doesn't matter as much to me as the characters. Dianne, I've always loved your characters. They pull me right into your stories and keep me turning the pages wherever you put them. Thanks for hours of enjoyment. I'm looking forward to many, many more.

Love and hugs!