Monday, September 13, 2010

Ugh! Why Did I Do That?

Do you ever get mad at yourself for doing something you shouldn't?

Yesterday we attended a picnic with friends from church. The weather couldn't have been nicer. Nice breeze and high seventy temps. Friends who have a fantastic back yard of four acres filled with flower gardens, ponds, and fresh vegetable plots were the perfect hosts! We had a fantastic time.

So, what did I do wrong?

I ate a piece of cake and a homemade ice cream sandwich (ice cream between two large M&M cookies).  I should have avoided the treats NOT because I am trying to lose weight, but because I am battling high blood sugar. When I eat too many foods on the high glycemic index, then my blood sugar gets high and then...drops. The drop causes me to have bouts of "personal summers" or what some women think of as hot flashes. Mine are not due to a change in hormonal levels, but the fluctuating blood sugar. I need to maintain levels in the normal range.

Too bad this won't imprint on my brain like abstaining from food which causes a bout of stomach upset!  I really need to work on having a message trigger my brain to shout STOP! when I forget the after affects of eating such yummy treats!

Hope you all had a beautiful weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

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Diane Castell said...

Hi, Everyone!!
Just as an added item...since I wrote this blog I sold three mystery books to Berkley Prime Crime. That piercing scream you keep hearing is not you ears ringing for no reason but me screaching for joy and not being able to stop!!!!

I love a mystery and mine are set in Savannah in a consignment shop. I work in a consignment shop in Cincy.

Any of you ever shop consgnment or sell your clothes that way?