Friday, October 22, 2010

Lighting the Tree

I know. I know. You aren't ready to hear about Christmas yet. I used to be one who didn't want to hear one thing about Christmas until after Thanksgiving.

But...this year, since I'm not working a full-time day job, I kind of got in the Christmas spirit early. Today I ventured to Michael's to pick up a few items for my granddaughters to work on tomorrow. We're having a "girls night" at Grandma's. I decided to buy them wooden boxes with designs on the top that they could paint and line with felt. Fun! I bought a variety of acrylic paints and brushes. I know they'll have fun, because they like to craft just like I do.

While I meandered through the aisles at the craft store, I saw all kinds of Christmas items. And they didn't make me shudder. I almost wished I could hear Christmas music. Don't throw tomatoes at me. I'm making up for last year when we had a really sad Christmas.

This year I'm planning a family get together, and I'll have lots of time and fun thinking of decorating ideas and craft things I can make to give away. I'm even thinking how fun it will be when our cats invade our tree and the cute pics I can get.

And, yesterday, I decided to upload my Christmas short story "Lighting the Tree" to the Kindle platform. It should be availabe for purchase for only $1.00 sometime tomorrow.

So, how many of you are thinking about Christmas already?


Linda said...

Hi Carol,

How lovely - such a nice post and no tomatoes from me - I too am in Christmas mode. I have put up and decorated two trees already. I was too ill last year to really enjoy, but thankfully this year thanks to my Liver transplant I am ALIVE AND WELL and excited about Christmas. Enjoy it all - I know I shall.


Linda, xx

Carol Ann said...

Linda, praise God for your healing! I'm happy to have a friend who is excited about Christmas with me! We'll just have to share our joy and hopefully, others will join us! Keep smiling.

JoAnn said...

Carol Ann,

You might want to check this out~

Carol Ann said...

Thanks, JoAnn. Will do!