Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Simple Little Band of Gold

Over the years, I've gained a little weight and my size 5 wedding ring no longer fits...well, except for when it's really, really cold. The intricate design on the ring may prevent it from being sized, but I plan to pursue that at a later date. In the meantime, I've been wearing the very tight ring, which frequently causes my finger to get some kind of dermatitis...itchy, burning, and then it peels. When that happens, I have to leave the ring off for a few weeks while the skin irritation heals. (You can see the wide pink skin below the ring in the picture which depicts the wide size of my old wedding band and the area that is affected.) I disliked going out in public without my ring. After nearly 31 years, let's face it, I felt "undressed."
While we were shopping at a local discount store earlier in the week, I decided to check out their jewelry section. I spied a gold band. We looked at sizes but everything they had in stock was much bigger than a size 6, the size I needed. Then the clerk pulled out a narrower simple little band of gold. One in stock. Size 6.
I'm so thrilled. Now, I have a wedding ring again! And, I realize that I don't need anything fancy. I don't need flashy diamonds. I love the look of the band on my finger. In fact, I can't stop admiring it.


Linda said...

Hi Carol - I understand the "undressed" feeling - I have trouble the other way - mine keeps falling off and will have to be resized but it is white gold and they are reluctant to do it. The other day I spend three hours crawling around the lawn looking for it because it had just flown off when I moved my hand. Your new ring is great.

Carol Ann said...

Yikes, Linda. I understand how you must have felt when you lost your ring outside. Once mine fell down the drain in the bathroom and poor hubby had to take the sink all apart to get it. I cried with happiness when he handed it to me.