Friday, November 12, 2010

The Squirrel and the Cat

This morning I'm laughing at the antics in my front yard. A squirrel is teasing one of our feral cats, Patches. Patches, a beautiful long-haired calico cat is lying in the yard watching the squirrel make its way down the tree trunk to look for seeds to gather for winter. She lies quietly until the squirrel gets close to the ground then she runs to the tree and begins to climb. The squirrel retreats to the first branch and turns around to stare at Patches. The cat stops and it becomes a stand-off for a few seconds. Then the cat inches a little higher. The squirrel moves up a bit and again turns around and stares at the cat. Finally, the cat jumps down from the tree. And the squirrel scurries downward, chattering at the cat.

I don't believe the cat wants to catch the squirrel, but she's fascinated by chase. The squirrel seems to be confident enough to continue teasing the cat because it knows there is safety in the highest branches of the tree where it has made a nest.

I suppose it's time to go feed the cat. The squirrel can fend for itself as long as Patches continues to have a full belly.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your day is filled with joyful things to see.


GladysMP said...

We have oodles of squirels in our neighborhood because we have lots of pecan trees. I love watching the squirels but they are proving a problem. I have a flower bed around a huge tree in my front yard and it is filled with gerbera daisies, which I love. But the squirels keep breaking the stems when the daisies bloom. I am going to have to find some way to discourage the squirels in my front yard. Any suggestions?

Candace Mewborn said...

I like to watch the squirells play in the fall, scampering after the acorns to store up for the winter. And i absolutely love cats. I have had several during my life and i must say that they each had their own personality. Plus not only are they curious, but are so playful.
Candace Mewborn

Carol Ann said...

Gladys, I don't know how to discourage squirrels, unfortunately. We have a lot this year, too.

Candace, I enjoy watching the squirrels, too. They are funny. One of them hangs on the tree and chatters at me. I'm a big cat person, too. But, I guess I have a soft heart for all animals. I cry when I see the ASPCA ads about abused animals.