Saturday, December 18, 2010

Minute to Win It Christmas Party

This is the day our children and their families gather at our house to celebrate Christmas. I always try to think of things that will be fun and involve the children as well as the adults. This year, I've decided to set up a table with items to play some games from the television show "Minute to Win It."

I have presents for our grandchildren and in order for them to receive their gift, they will have to pick one person to "win" it for them. They will be encouraging the person as they go through the movements required to finish in one minute. I'll start with the youngest children and move toward the oldest. I can't wait. I'm sure I'll get some great pictures and videos.

I always strive to make Christmas less stressful by not having a traditional gift exchange for the adults. This year those who want to participate will bring a white elephant gift. It is purely optional, so no one has to feel obligated. But, I have a fun way to handle the exchange for those who do participate. We'll have one for the kids and one for the adults.

I also have some fun singing games just for fun. A friend told me about the card game "Would You Rather..?" I purchased it and I think it will lead to some great laughs as well.  Of course all ages can play.

Instead of cooking a big meal, I set up a deli buffet and each family brings a side dish. We always have plenty of food and everyone leaves with a full tummy.

I'll share some pictures on my blog Monday.

Do you have any family gatherings that you attend? Care to share?

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Linda said...

Sounds wonderful Carol Ann - we do fun things like that too - I print off quiz type things and have a big basket of random little gifts and there are prizes for everyone. I usually provide Christmas pens and the things are printed on Christmas paper - it is lots of fun. If we have children with us we have quiz questions suitable to them and the adults know not to answer. Things like "what colour is Rudolph's nose" and I usually manage to steer them into choosing a gift suitable for them.

After everyone has a gift or two the trading starts - someone will want a gift that another family member has and you should hear the laughter and dealing that goes on.

I hope it was a wonderful time for you all.

Love and hugs, Linda.