Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My New "Get Healthy" Regime

The steps I'm taking this year to get healthy:

  • I've been working on removing all carbonated beverages from my diet. Water is replacing the cold cans of diet cola I've been drinking for years. I haven't reached the NO carbonated beverages yet, but I've managed to get down to one every day or so.
  • The next major step is to stop eating after dinner. I've gotten into a habit of eating a package of whole wheat and cheddar crackers just before I go to sleep. The reason I'd started the habit is to make sure that my sugar level wouldn't drop and wake me.
  • Dinners are becoming more healthy as well. We eat only frozen or fresh vegetables, no canned vegetables.
  • We eat grilled fish at least once a week, sometimes twice. And with that we eat brown and long-grain wild rice.
  • I'm adding exercise to my day, but not excessively. A half-hour on the treadmill or on the Gazelle while watching television. And adding the Sketchers Shape-Ups to aid with all the steps I normally take, I'm hoping this will also help with the toning.
  • When I reach for a snack between meals, I am stopping to ask the FLAB question as seen on Dr. Oz show:  Am I...Frustrated, Lonely, Anxious, or Bored? If the answer is yes, nothing I eat will help!
So, are you on a diet or get healthy regime for 2011? If so, what are you doing?
I will give out another of my post it note holders to someone who comments on this blog post. (See picture on my 1/11/11 blog post.) I'll draw names next Tuesday and announce the winner here. I'm really excited to learn any new tips you might have which can help me on my goal!

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