Monday, January 17, 2011

Waiting on Sketchers in God's Time

My best friend has been wearing Sketchers Shape-ups for several months. She's been suffering from foot pain, and these shoes alleviate the agony she's been suffering. My friend is the most frugal person I've ever met, and she never purchases anything at full price. I admitted I couldn't afford to pay so much for a pair of shoes, so she would tell me whenever she noticed a sale.
On Saturday we had lunch together. She excitedly told me the shoes were on sale at a local department store and she had a 30% off coupon which she'd let me use. The shoes, with all the discounts, would be at half-price. So, I ventured with her to give them a try. Once I put them on, I fell in love! And, they had a black nubuck style which I felt I could wear most anywhere. So, I purchased the shoes. I brought them home and quickly put them on and showed my hubby. Then I came downstairs and watched the video that came with them. But, after a short time, the shoes began to pinch at my bunion. Unfortunately, they didn't have "wide" width, which I usually purchase. So, I reluctantly put them back in the box to exchange for a larger size. The store didn't have a size to fit me, but they ordered them. Now, I'm waiting on my Sketchers to arrive.
I'm not very good at being patient, especially when I'm waiting for something I really want. God knows this as He knows all things about me. He gives me situations all the time which call for me to be patient. Just like any loving Father, he spends time teaching me life's lessons. When I forget to be still and listen, He reminds me, gently but firmly. I've learned to be still and ask the question "What does God want me to see in this?" The answer is always there. And, daily I'm reminded that everything is in God's time, not mine.

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