Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Theory on Why Men Read Magazines in the Bathroom

I finally figured it out. For years I've watched men in my workplace walk to the men's room with the morning newspaper or a magazine. I've seen my husband do the same. And my boys when they were growing up. This phenomenon is shown on television, in the movies, and in pictures...even Norman Rockwell.

So, why? Here's my theory.

Every time I go into my bathroom, my eyes go to the floor. I stare at the carpet and see things. I see fairies, butterflies, men's faces, women's faces, animals...and even sometimes scary creatures! If there's no carpet, I find things in wallpaper, or in the design of the tiles. I swear it's true!

Now, men wouldn't understand this at all. It would probably make them question their sanity, their macho personalities. So, they take something to distract themselves from falling into the creative trip of looking at "things" hidden in their surroundings. My hubby now has a handheld Solitaire game to keep himself occupied.

I think I prefer letting my creative imagination search for hidden treasures.


Danielle Thorne said...

Too funny and too true!

Carol Ann said...

I'm glad to hear from another woman who agrees! LOL!