Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow, ARC Winners, The Bachelor, Castle, Prize Offer

Now that title says a lot about what this blog is today!

A big thank you to those who visited the Blog Studio yesterday to chat with my dear friend and spectular author, Maggie Toussaint. The winners of the two free ARC's (Advanced Reader Copy) of her upcoming release, ON THE NICKEL, are:


Here in my midwestern town we are expecting 3-5 inches of the snow that is spreading eastward. These are the times when I wish I had purchased a gas snow blower with an electric start. I'm using an "old" (believe me this is really old) snowblower with an electric cord. It works fine if I can just get into a good pattern and not spend all my time trying to avoid catching the cord! It's always a battle, and usually the cord wins.

So how about those new year's resolutions? Did any of you make a commitment? Have you broken it yet? This year I didn't set any because I hate breaking promises to myself. *sigh* I do have this constant ongoing resolution to lose some weight and get healthier. I've started by eliminating the carbonated beverages. I'm drinking water, lots of water. I also have a reclining bicycle, a Gazelle, and a treadmill. The treadmill makes a great place to dry sweaters, the bicycle seat stores my Snuggie for when I watch television, and the Gazelle just sits and stares at the television waiting for someone to notice. Last night I peddled while watching The Bachelor.

Anyone else watch The Bachelor? I suppose being a hopeless romantic, I'm always looking for the guy to really find the love of his life. This time Brad seems changed, so I hope he goes for an honest and nonflambouyant woman. I also watch Castle faithfully. I love the "almost" relationship between Rick Castle and Kate Beckett.

All right, I've asked quite a few questions today. Let's see who is willing to share their thoughts and answers. I have a prize to give away to someone today.  It's a nice sticky note holder with a calendar, regular sticky note pad and five colored sticky note markers. The holder closes and can be carried with you or sits nicely on a desk. I'll choose one winner from all the comments today.

Looking forward to hearing what you have to say!


writerwellness said...

Sooooo happy to find another writer who lives for Monday nights at 10. LOVE CASTLE! Did you notice Beckett's sexy hair and cleavage last night? I think something is brewing there! Have you read the Nikki Heat books yet?
Joy Held
Writer Wellness, A Writer's Path to Health and Creativity
Who Dares Wins Publishing

Carol Ann said...

Hi Joy! Glad you stopped by. I am totally hooked on the Castle series only because of the chemistry between Castle and Beckett. Just like that old sitcom Who's the Boss? Chemistry between Tony and Angela is what made that series, too. I haven't read the books. Have you? I'm not sure I'd enjoy them. And did you see the preview of what looked like an upcoming liplock between Beckett and Castle? Oooh, what a teaser.
Thanks for stopping by. It's fun to meet other writers who also enjoy the show!

Nancy Naigle said...

I'm a CASTLE lover, too. I did buy both of the books. They were very much like the show in the way of playful banter and such.

I have to admit that although the interactions between Beckett and Castle are fun, my heart simply melts every time they have a sweet daddy/daughter moment. I just love that part.

The bachelor? Yes, I'm watching, but I'm a little harder to sell on the leopard changing his spots. We shall see. He kept the vampire chick -- that doesn't bode well!

Have a happy day.

Maryann Miller said...

I really enjoy the Castle series, too, and wonder how long they will tease each other and the audience with this almost relationship. I really like the fact that it is developing on a stronger basis than just sexual, although there is plenty of chemistry between them. But I am old-fashioned enough that I want relationship first and then sex.

Patricia Stoltey said...

I haven't started watching Castle yet, but it's a favorite among so many of my friends that I think I'll rent the series from Season One.

Resolutions...sure. I'm losing weight an ounce at a time, and I'm ready any minute to start that 500 words per day writing commitment...any minute now.

Pat Marinelli said...

Love, love, love Castle.

I am trying to write one page a day and edit for half an hour a day. Those are my minimums, if I do more...great. Oh, and I must do this before I go online everyday.

Re: the wieght thing, I am trying to follow the Fat Resistance Diet. Yes, I hope to lose some weight but its the blood sugar control, and antioxident propterties that have attracted me...that an the lowering of arthritis pain.

These are more life changes than New Years Resolutions for me.

Carol Ann said...

Nancy, I love those sweet daughter moments, too! My favorite scene was the end of the the very first episode where he looks at the picture of he and his little girl walking hand in hand. Aw, so sweet! Thanks for the heads up for the books. I may have to download them to my Kindle. As for Brad on The Bachelor, I sure do hope he is sincere...and I cannot believe he kept that vampire girl. She's disgusting!

Mary Ann, I'm with you. Want that romance before the hot and heavy jumping into bed. It's the sweet romance that touches my heart.

Patricia, good luck on those resolutions! I'm sure you'll love Castle if you love romance. For those who look at Castle wanting to focus on the crimes...it just doesn't cut it. It's the characters who drive this series.

Pat, I'm glad to know another Castle lover! And best of luck on those life changing goals! I'd be interested in learning more about that Fat Resistance Diet.

Shiela Stewart said...

I Love Castle. Then again I love Nathan Fillion. He was great in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and in Firefly. He is really a great and very diverse actor. Not to mention he’s Canadian, like me. :D

I thought this week’s episode was hilarious. Rick feeling left out when the Star of his book takes over what he normally does and the funniest part, she hadn't read his book. LOL

And the interaction between Castle, his mother and daughter adds so much to the show. I love his mother’s snarky attitude and his daughter’s pluckiness.

Diane Craver said...

I enjoy Castle but do wish it would be on a bit earlier. LOL I started watching it after my daughter told me how good it was. I haven't read the books.

I did make resolutions and so far I'm doing fine keeping them.

Joselyn Vaughn said...

I love Castle too. I wonder why they changed Kate's wardrobe this season. I liked the edgier clothes better. I missed this week though, I going to have to find it online or watch for the re-run. Sounds like it was good.

Carol Ann said...

Sheila, we must be a week ahead of you on the program scheduling...but the episode you refer to was really funny! I loved Rick's expressions and Kate's hiding out to avoid the actress.

Diane, I know what you mean about the lateness. I DVR the show so I can watch it the next day if I'm too tired to stay up. I'm glad you are sticking to your resolutions! Good luck!!

Hi Joselyn, I hope you do find this week's episode. I really enjoyed it. Especially when Rick puts on a pair of those "x-ray" glasses and tells Kate that he can see through her clothes. She just looks at him and asks if he likes her belly ring! LOL!!!