Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Wading into 2011

Maybe I should have said trudging instead of wading. In any event, it's been a slow and heavy-footed entrance into this new year. I believe all the sadness from December 2009 transferred into a depression for me in December 2010. I'm slowly pulling myself back into the world, pushing aside the darkness. Yesterday, I began a 3-month stint volunteering at the welcome/reception desk at church. How can I not smile seeing the eager faces of the pre-schoolers walking through that door to their classes? I'd give most anything to have their energy!
I'm also back with keeping myself to a daily writing goal. The weather man is predicting a long and cold winter, so I need to get back on schedule to keep from being bored while I'm unable to get outside. Well, except for *shudder* shoveling snow. So, far 2011 has brought no snow. Is that a record? Three days and no snow?
I've been enjoying my Kindle so much. I've downloaded some great books and rewarded myself by reading AFTER I finish my writing goal. Rewards work so well with me. And, chocolate doesn't do it because I just obsess over savoring one chocolate only to gorge myself. Totally unproductive to weight loss!
Tomorrow, I've got Delia Latham as my guest blogger. She sent me a copy of the first book in her Solomon's Gate series, DESTINY'S DREAM, to read. The book is available in both print and in ebook. The story opens on a sad note introducing Destiny and how she's given up her job and any social activities to care for her dying mother. Though she has a brother and sister, they provide very little support as they are busy with their own families. But, now Destiny's mother has passed, and she's struggling with how to move on with her life. I didn't feel sad for long, because the next scene had me smiling when a stranger walks in and sits beside Destiny. After several negative remarks about the woman in the casket, it becomes obvious that he's come to the wrong funeral!
Delia Latham takes us on a journey of love laced with humor, suspense, and even an angel. I highly recommend this entertaining book to anyone who believes in dreams and love, both earthly and heavenly!
So, please stop by tomorrow and meet Delia!


Delia Latham said...

Carol, I will be praying for your mental and emotional healing, as well as an abundance of blessings that include joy, peace, contentment, and happiness. You've taken the first steps by faith and sheer determination...now God can lead you to victory! :)

Linda said...

Keep on "trudging" and remember that you don't "trudge' alone.

Love and hugs,