Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Shhhhh! Silence, Please!

Writing is a solitary profession.

My hubby, for instance, could not be a writer. He would wither and die. He is a people person, requiring someone to talk to at all times. He thrives on conversation. He surrounds himself with loud television voices or radio stations when he is left alone while I write. He carries on conversations with the cats. When I emerge from my writing cave, he begins reading me columns from the newspaper, telling me what he's just seen on television, or asking me questions about what I'm planning to prepare for dinner. He needs that stimulation.

As a writer, I, too, need the stimulation of other people...but not while I'm writing. I am easily distracted, and when distracted, my thought process is broken. That causes frustration, and when I get back to writing, my mood is not right.

Some writers like to listen to music while they write, choosing mood music for the scenes they are writing. I've tried it, but I wind up humming or singing along. Not a good thing to keep me focused. I do have CDs which are supposed to tap into the creative brain...not sure if they do that, but they create a "white noise" when I'm writing, which is not intrusive, but helps to cover the sound of creaking floor boards and slamming doors.

I create best in a quiet vacuum where I can become a part of the story I'm writing and be the characters. I view the scene in my mind as it unfolds, much like watching a movie. My fingers are typing, but my mind is showing my fingers what to do.

So, dear readers, I'm moving back into my cave. Have a wonderful day and I'll see you along the road of life at a later time. Shhhh! Silence, please.

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