Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Bigger and Better? NOT!!!

Once again, I'm experiencing doubts that new technology is "better."  The DVR box installed by our cable company about two months ago has a bad recording disk. What?? Already???

At least our cable company is customer friendly and responsive. A tech is coming today to install a new one. I hope it also fixes the problem that yesterday morning we discovered the HD channels had stopped working on most all of the channels, except for one or two. Now, what's with that? The box and television in our family room works fine.

Digital television isn't the greatest. Sure, when it works, the picture is wonderful. But what about all the times the pictures do an instant freeze and pixelate?

Sometimes bigger and better is simply more expensive, but not really "better." I suppose that's an age-old lament that my great-grandparents also chanted.

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