Monday, March 14, 2011

My Sheriff is in Crisis, but I Have Spiny Balls Everywhere!!

So, here I sit contemplating the next scene in my novel while staring out the window and knowing I should be outside while the weather is decent to work on the yard. We have a sweet gum tree in our front yard. Hubby planted it because of it's fast-growing nature. The squirrels LOVE it. Right now, all the bare limbs are covered with these round prickly balls. I call them spiny balls. Lots of crafters love to use these to make wreaths. The squirrels love them for the hidden seeds inside the little indents.

Not only are the limbs covered with these balls, but so is the lawn! Picking them out of the grass is a real pain, literally. So, I rake them into piles and put them into yard waste bags. As quickly as I rake them up, more fall down. The only good thing I can find about having them is the exercise involved in raking.

 Ah, but Sheriff Taylor is calling me to help him out of the dilemma he is facing. Okay, writing wins! I'll just wait until the limbs are bare to tackle the yard.

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