Thursday, March 17, 2011

So My Doctor Said, "Don't Do That..."

Yesterday I had my six month checkup with the doctor. My weight loss and exercise has paid off. Blood pressure optimal, heart rate significantly lowered, weight down 14 pounds. Hopefully the lab work will show my sugar level has dropped, too.

Then I asked him about the horrible pain I have when I try to kneel. Very sharp, excruciating pain at a level off the chart, radiates on the outside of my left knee. I can't bend it to get down without this intense pain that leaves residual pain for hours. I thought it was arthritis in the knee or something. He said, "Not arthritis. Sounds like nerve pain or bursa pain." Me: "So what do I do about it?" He: "Don't kneel!" So, then I said, "Okay, but will I be able to play a piano?" He: "Yes, you'll be able to play the piano." Me: "That's wonderful. I've always wanted to do that."

Doctors! Guess I'll just have to deal with kneeling on one knee only.

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