Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Dreaded Perpetual Wheel of Editing

So, I'm adding a new beginning chapter to my WIP. But, while in the "thinking" mode, I come up with a way to make the story even more suspenseful...I think.

Writers have so many choices. We are in control of the worlds and characters we create. In a few clicks of the keyboard, we can change fate. What a powerful tool!

The problem is to make sure the changes made are beneficial, not just useless rewriting and editing.

What I'm going to do is use the old pen and paper method to write down all the different scenarios before I begin making major revisions. I'll sleep on it a few days, and the "right" scenario will surface.

My suggestion to new writers, don't get caught up in revising with all the ideas that pop into your head. If you do, you'll spend all your time working on the same book for years and years and years. Yes, I do know writers who are caught in this "perpetual wheel of editing."


vvdenman.com said...

I like your explanation. The perpetual wheel of editing. It's definitely a temptation. :)

Carol Ann said...

It sure is. The image it brings to my mind is a hamster running in a wheel and getting nowhere. This can easily become a habit and nothing gets completed!