Thursday, April 28, 2011

Facing Down Fear

Those who know me, know I'm terrified of spiders. Especially huge spiders. This spring I've been seeing invaders in my house. How they get inside baffles me! The one I ran across last night in my lower bathroom was easily 2 inches with his legs not fully extended. *big shudder*

In the past, I would have screamed until my hubby could get downstairs and "save me." But, I've had to give up that luxury. The only way to get rid of the spiders now is to kill them myself. I CANNOT bear the thought of feeling something smoosh beneath my feet. I can tell you that bug killer sprays might slow down these huge arachnids, but they do keep on moving.

I knew if I walked away, he might disappear, but he would also still be in the house. I would be fearful of seeing him again...maybe crawling up my pants leg. This is the WORST fear I have about spiders.

I had to face down my fear. I did it wearing my clunky, heavy waterproof snow boots. I tromped that big guy, actually picked up the carcass with a wad of toilet paper and flushed him away.

Facing our fears helps reduce that fear exponentially each time we do it. However, my fear of heights is another matter. I don't imagine I'll be doing any bungee jumping in the future.

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