Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Answer to What is More Annoying Than the Terrible Two's!!

My crazy cat, Templeton, has been going out of his way to annoy me today.

He's found the addition of a rag rug in front of the refrigerator to be a fun way to run, hit the rug, and slide across the floor! Today he banked off one of my grocery bags, hopped off the rug, and then jumped into the bag. Sigh.

The floor is also littered with cat-bite size pieces of the newspaper.

He started the day by taking his paw and opening the cabinet door beneath the kitchen sink. He pulled it open, then let it bang shut. Over and over and over while I was trying to enjoy a quiet cup of tea. In the summer he liked to go on the outside deck and open the cabinet doors there. Yesterday I found the doors to the printer cabinet open. I went to close them and spied his face staring at me! The bugger had climbed in and was perched on top of my mailing envelopes.

Whenever I yell at him, he curses me in cat language. I can tell it isn't very nice by the look on his face.

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