Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mindless Eating

I must admit that I'm guilty of mindless eating. It's an addiction. If I have a bowl of grapes sitting beside me while I'm reading or brainstorming, I will eat them one by one and not even realize what I'm doing. Suddenly the bowl is empty and I have no recollection of the joy of eating them! Now If I could stick to eating grapes or something else healthy like that while I'm mindlessly eating I'd be okay with it.

However, my mindless eating includes a jar of chocolate covered peanuts, sugar coated pecans, or other equally high sugar and bad for me foods! I can inhale a ton of these without thinking and afterward feel like a huge slug.

What I need to do is keep all bad foods out of the house. They are like a magnet to me and once I eat one, I'm a goner. 

Anyone else out there guilty of mindless eating? Have you come up with a miracle cure?

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