Saturday, February 04, 2012

I'm Like a Trained Rat...

I'm a creature of habit. For the past five weeks, I've been carrying my iPad to the VA Clinic to write while my hubby is doing his exercise program. This gives me two and a half hours to do nothing but write. No distractions. I can't get up and head to the refrigerator, fix a cup of tea, check emails, read, play with the cats, or talk on the phone. I can't even check Facebook or Twitter. Horrors!

But I'm having a very productive two and a half hours to write. The time passes quickly and the words and pages flow. I'm energized and so immersed in the process of writing that I am sad when the time is up. I used to walk on the treadmill every day and write, but since I began using my iPad at the VA, the treadmill isn't working.

Is it the laptop? Could be. I cannot write at my desk on my desktop computer. That's for blogging, checking emails, twitter, facebook, research. The laptop used to be for writing. Now it's the iPad. Problem doesn't work on my treadmill desk.

I'm like a trained rat who runs through the maze for the food when the bell rings. Once trained, I'm in a rut. Sigh. I must condition myself back to the laptop and the treadmill.

Writers are such weird creatures. Or at least, I am. Sigh.

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Paulette said...

You make me smile Carol Ann, you'll get back on it soon and be back in shape in no time.