Saturday, February 25, 2012

When It's Time To Change...

In an effort to improve our health, hubby and I have purchased several pieces of exercise equipment. Our latest purchase was a recumbent bike. That joined our elliptical machine and the Gazelle in our family room!

Our house is a bi-level and the family room is long and partially divided by the hallway, so it is difficult to arrange furniture around it.

Especially since we have a built-in corner fireplace and bookshelves on either side. And, I need to watch television when I exercise!

So, today I did my workout by rearranging things to put all the exercise equipment on one side of the room, preserving the tv watching area for relaxing. But, with the tv angled just a bit, we can work out and watch tv, too!

I'm very tired and doubt if I'll be using any of that equipment today! Well, maybe I'll use the treadmill which is in my office...but that's another story!


Ted said...

Change is good, I agree.

David James said...

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