Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Romance Writer's Life - Installment One

Doesn't everyone dream of having a writer's life--work at home, no boss, no time clock, spending your time writing the next New York Bestseller?
Sorry, folks, that's a fantasy.

I'll tell you my journey.

I penned my first novel in three months and shoved it in an envelope and sent it off to a literary agent. I walked on cloud nine knowing I'd soon have a contract and a book sitting in my local Barnes and Noble.

Six weeks later, I had my first rejection slip. Not even a letter. Not even signed. I'd been warned. I was ready. So I proudly pinned it to my corkboard beside the computer and announced, "I'm a writer!"

I was too scared to send it off to anyone else though. I knew it needed revising, but didn't know where to start. So I took a few creative writing classes, learned a few things, and set about fixing the manuscript. When I finished, I felt it was perfect! Who wouldn't like this book?

I heard about a great workshop at one of the RWA chapters south of me being given by Donald Maass. Checked out his website. Impressive! So I sent off a query letter and the first three chapters to one of the agents. Hey, why not dream?

More to come . . .

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Marty said...

Keep the dream alive :)