Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Kitty Perched in the Tree

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Okay, so I've been blaming Templeton for being the culprint of destroying the tree since he was caught in it one time. I should learn never to make assumptions.

Today I'm sitting on the sofa talking to my daughter on the telephone when the Christmas tree begins shaking violently. You guessed it--a cat in the tree. I jump up and see it's Wilbur, the Maine Coon cat, with a big furry body perched on the limbs. I yell and he turns to look at me and...well, he's just so cute that I run to get my camera. By the time I got back to the living room and turned on the camera, he jumped down and looked at me as if I couldn't prove a thing.

Figuring that's the end of that, I resume my conversation with my daughter. But, a few minutes later, the tree begins to move as if stirred by a heavy breeze. Nope, no fans in my living room. It's Wilbur under the tree, poised at the bottom of the center pole...and he jumps into the tree!

Then the rat, Templeton is at the back and jumps up to join him! Two cats in the tree!! At this point I'm too afraid to take a picture for I'm sure the tree will come toppling down at any moment. I yell at them and finally they both take off running into the other room. I breathe a sigh of relief, and resume my conversation once again.

Then a thundering noise like a herd of elephants vibrates the sofa. Two fourteen pound cats come bounding down the hall, around the coffee table, and...Wilbur launches himself back into the tree!"Oh, no! I wonder if she can see me. Maybe she'll think I'm just an ornament if I don't move."


Delana said...

That was the most hilarious conversation I think I've ever had with you. Every other word was "Templeton!" or "Wilbur!". *snicker snort* Is the tree still standing, or did you give up and take it down?

Carol Ann Erhardt said...

Believe it or not, the tree is still standing. We'll be taking it down on Thursday, if the cats don't do it before then! Now the boys are sleeping on the sofa looking like innocent kitty cats. No one would believe how rotten they really are.