Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tuesday's Challenge - Use All The Words #1

Hopefully, you've read my new blogging schedule and know what to expect. I hope you'll all find something of interest, and I hope you'll give this Tuesday challenge a try. The winner of this week's challenge will win a hand beaded book thong and a Godiva chocolate bar. Nothing goes better with a good romance book than a nice book thong to mark your place while you take a big bite out of a chocolate bar. So give me your best shot on this challenge:

Use all four words in a scene. It can be one paragraph or more...whatever works!!

paramedic, pencil, bathroom, cheese

Make sure you use all four words to qualify to have your name entered in the drawing! You'll have until Sunday night to post your answer to this blog entry. Good luck, and most of all...have fun!

Be sure to stop by tomorrow when I'll be sharing info on the latest romance I'm reading!


Betty said...

Carol Ann! I'm still planning on posting, -- just haven't had a chance yet. You know, cooking and presents to wrap :) I'll get mine up later tonight (may be pacific midnight LOL).

Have you Merry Christmas!


Lesa Bennett said...

Let's see, where did I put that grocery list? OK, now all I need is a pencil. All right now, just think...pop, hamburger, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, taco shells and salsa. That will take care of the party. Bill will just have to get his own groceries for the Fire House. Gosh those guys can eat! Between the EMS unit, the paramedics and the firemen they can spend around $300.00 a week in groceries! Lordy, I'm glad we don't have to pay for all of that and our house too. It gives true meaning to the Fireman's Fund.

I do hope this New Years Eve goes better than last. We don't want to spend another ten days in January, the coldest month of the year, traipsing across the yard to go next door to use the bathroom. You would think with a fireman in the house, you wouldn't have to worry about a toilet paper fire in the can!
Happy New Year Carol!

Betty said...

Well, I did want to start mine out "The paramedic came out of the bathroom looking for a pencil when the dog cut the cheese". Fortunately, my sister thought I could come up with something better. Sorry it's a little long, but I couldn't leave you hanging :)

Hope your year settles down and you find a happy balance between work and writing. I really love these challenges, too!

Oh, and for the record, I think it's awfully funny Lesa and I both came up with Bill in our stories LOL


Amber just couldn’t believe her luck. Today of all days! She had decided that today would be the day she painted the bathroom. She wanted it soft and feminine in shades of rose and yellow instead of the stark black and white it was when she moved in. Now, instead of rolling paint on the walls, she was rolling her eyes as she answered the door.

She started the day by grabbing a pencil and pad to carefully plan each step of the transformation. She jotted notes while she ate her omelet that was filled with cheese, ham and assorted vegetables. With each stroke of the pencil, her dream bath was becoming more a reality.

She quickly washed up the dishes and grabbed a bottle of spring water from the fridge and went in search of the cute painter’s clothes she had bought as an after-thought when she bought the paint. Doesn’t every girl need overalls and a hat to keep all that paint off her comfy jeans and tee, not to mention the mop of sun kissed curls she needed to keep spatter free.

After she was properly attired, she walked into the bathroom, opened the first can of blush pink latex and the doorbell rang.

“Maybe, if I ignore them, they will go away,” she said to herself as she poured a nice stream of paint into the disposable pan.

She realized whomever was at the door was not going to go away when the bell started ringing to the beat of the familiar “shave and a haircut”. She put the lid back on the paint can, looked in the mirror to check for paint dots, then started for the door.

As she neared it, the ringing became a steady buzz. Rolling her eyes she just couldn’t imagine who would be so insistent to actually stay there this long.

When she peered through the peep hole, she saw a blue shirt with EMS printed on the back.

“Oh No! Something has happened to one of my neighbors and the emergency people need my help” , she thought as she quickly unbolted and opened the door to find a most handsome paramedic smiling at her.

“Hello. Can I help you?” Amber said in a rush.

Hi Amber. You probably don’t remember me, but I’m Pete West. We went to high school together, although you were a grade behind me. I’m here to offer my assistance in your project today.”

“You’re what? First of all, I don’t remember you. Second, who told you I had a project I was working on. Third, how did you know where I live??” Amber’s voice went a note higher with each point she numbered off.

“Easy now. We can’t have you hyperventilating on me,” Pete said with mock seriousness. “I’m sure you do know who I am. I was the scrawny football team manager your junior year. As to who told me about your project and where you live, you’ll have to check with your brother.”

“OOhhhh Wait until I get my hands on Bill! He knows I don’t need help, yet he sends you to offer to?” Amber wasn’t really upset with Bill since the scrawny kid had filled out and turned into a tall, muscular hunk.

“Well, since you’re here, you may as well come in. How do you plan on helping with my project in your uniform?”

“Never fear Madam, I brought a change of clothes just in case you actually did let me in to help. Bill said something about planting yellow roses?”

Amber started giggling while Pete started to look confused. “Go get your work clothes Pete, while I try to figure out how I can help you dig your way out of Bill’s trap.”