Monday, May 14, 2007

Eye of the Storm

Just sent off my short story in response to a request for the manuscript. Eye of the Storm is the story of Abigail Delaney Massey, a woman combatting the fear of cancer after undergoing a mastectomy. She's left her husband, her family, and her faith, and is hiding from her feelings in a house that's belonged to the Delaney women for generations. Deathly afraid of storms, she is about to face one of paramount force. But the storm is not only raging outside, but also within her. As the battle rages, she reaches out to God and receives an answer to her prayer.

Also had a productive writing day. It felt good to finish eight pages of my novel, Joshua's Hope. I'm really anxious to finish. If I can continue at this pace it should be complete in another four weeks or so.

Wish me luck for Eye of the Storm!


Marly Mathews said...

Wishing you luck, Carol Ann!


Carol Ann Erhardt said...

Thanks, Marly!