Saturday, October 13, 2007

Click, Click...Click, Click, Clickclickclick....Click!!

That is the sound of my fingers flying across the keyboard. This past week has been great! My accomplishments:

1. Monday managed to get myself to the Aladdin Shrine Complex by 7am to set up for our holiday trade show. All 88 tables, point of sale, and wines were displayed beautifully in an hour and a half. Record time.

2. Tuesday - hosted the largest ever holiday trade show for my industry--total customers in attendance, 1213. Never got a potty break because of the huge lines waiting to register. Worked a straight 13 hours.

3. Drug myself into work on Wednesday and actually managed to finish out my 8 hours without snoring.

4. Thursday - played catch up on the piles of work waiting on my desk, making one small dent only.

5. Friday - Nearly completed matching up invoices for the Cincinnati Trade Show with the product coming back into the warehouse. Have to wade through the pallet of wine on Monday. Still waiting on the invoices for the Toledo, Cleveland and Columbus shows.

6. Today I attended my local RWA chapter writer's meeting. What a great meeting. Somehow I managed to volunteer to take over our Newsletter for next year. Maybe I still haven't caught up on my sleep. LOL! Learned all about publishing from the bookseller's end from Linda Keller, 2006 Bookseller of the Year and winner of RWA's 2008 Steffie Walker Bookseller of the Year award. Linda gave an insightful and entertaining workshop of nearly two hours. Immediately following we had a booksigning event at the Pickerington library.

So, the click, click, click you are hearing are my fingers flying across the keyboard. I'm all rared up to finish SAY GOODBYE, my second inspirational romantic suspense novel.

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