Tuesday, October 09, 2007

He Murdered Her Sister

“Keith did it. He murdered my sister.” Beth's face was set in stone, her eyes puffy and red from crying.

It was the second time Ryan heard her accuse Keith, but her accusations had no basis in fact. No one had seen the driver. He sat on the sofa facing her. He leaned forward letting his hands dangle between his knees. “Beth—”

“He did it. Why don't you believe me?”

“You can't positively identify the driver. You’ve got to understand—”

“Understand this, Detective. Keith killed my sister. I'll prove it to you.”

Ryan rubbed the stubble on his chin. This had been a rough day and it was only going to get worse. “I'm sorry. I know you're upset. Think hard, Beth. Is there anything else you can remember? Anything at all.”

“No.” She pressed her lips firmly together.

“I know how you feel about Keith, and I understand why. But he doesn't own a truck. He drives a Mustang.”

“I know what he drives, and I know Keith did it.”

“I can't arrest him without a witness or other incriminating evidence.”

“Then find it. That's your job.”

The conversation was going nowhere. He'd asked all his questions. He still had reports to file and it was getting late. He stood and placed a hand on Beth's shoulder. “I'll do my best. Look, I've got to go. Is there someone you can call to stay with you?”

“I'm fine,” she answered. She shrugged his hand away.

“I'm trying to be a friend, Beth.”

Her steely eyes held his gaze. “Friend? I don't need a friend. I need you to do your job. Arrest Keith.”


Since today was gripe day, I thought it might be fun to share the above excerpt from my novel, HIT AND RUN. I have tons of gripes of my own, from aching feet to a ganglion cyst growing on my right pointer finger. But my gripes don't compare to what Beth is going through. If you enjoyed the excerpt, you can check out more on my website.

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