Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Knitting a Novel

This past weekend I had the joy of spending a day and a half with my granddaughter. She is so smart and so much fun to be with. Earlier this year I taught her to knit. I was surprised when she brought her left over yarn and needles with her. She hadn't forgotten one thing I'd taught her. I used to love to knit, but I've had some problems with my thumbs that prevent me from holding needles for any period of time, so I've given up the craft. But as I watched my beautiful granddaughter weave that yarn into an intricate pattern, I began to realize that writing is much like knitting.

In knitting each stitch carefully interlocks into the next to complete a row. Each row connects to the next to form a pattern. The pattern continues until a completed article emerges.

In writing each word carefully interlocks into the next to complete a sentence. Each sentence connects to the next to form a paragraph. Each paragraph continues until a completed manuscript emerges.

Some knitters follow a detailed pattern to complete their project.

Some writers follow a detailed outline to complete their manuscript.

Some knitters don't follow a written pattern, but use their own creativity to design their projects.

Some writers don't outline, but let the story develop as they write their novels.

Tomorrow I'm going to get busy and knit a novel.

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