Monday, October 08, 2007

Smiling Despite it All

Today was one of those days where I truly put the "smile" to the full test. It all started with having to set up for a huge holiday trade show for my day job. The truck carrying all the wines and point of sale material was due to arrive at ten to eight. I arrived at seven to make sure all was ready for the setup. Salespeople began to arrive and mill around waiting for the ... truck. Salespeople are paid on commission, so their giving me this time was costing them money. The truck arrived almost an hour late. (Have to smile)

Arrived back at the office and spent the next two hours fielding calls from our suppliers who would be at the show to pour the wine for the tastings. They didn't know what time the shows started, nor did they remember where. (Have to smile)

These shows are held throughout the state and I coordinate all four. One in Cincinnati (tonight), one in Columbus (tomorrow-the one I was setting up), one in Toledo on Wednesday, and the last in Cleveland. Cincinnati called me at 2pm to tell me they were short one of the wines for their 5pm show! All the managers in Columbus had already left for the show. No one to transport. Had to call the supplier and alert them to the issue. (Have to smile)

Came home and decided to help out hubby because he wasn't yet home from work. Took out the trash and put it on the curb to be picked up. Took out two cans of yard waste because that company (different from the trash) would also come tomorrow. Hubby arrived home, thanked me, and informed me that there would be no trash pickup tomorrow because today was a holiday--Columbus day. (Have to smile)

Told hubby I wanted to go out to eat. He thought it was a good idea. We wanted to get home in time to watch Dancing with the Stars. We locked the house and headed out to his truck, which was parked behind me in the driveway and...the passenger front tire was going FLAT!!! An hour later, we'd managed together to change that tire. Since hubby has a heart and lung problem, he gets out of breath very easy. I did my best to do the carrying and heavy stuff. Time five minutes to eight. Decided to stay home after all. Hubby said he wasn't hungry any more. All he wanted was soup. I decided not to eat. **sigh** (Have to smile)

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