Sunday, October 07, 2007

Warped Reflections

In our family room we have a "cornered" fireplace, which my husband built shortly after we bought this house. The brick encasing it from ceiling to floor has been the resting place for Christmas wreaths each and every Christmas season. Several years ago one of our daughters made me a beautiful quilted wall hanging. By using various patterned scrap material pieces, she created a scene of the hill with three crosses, the foremost prominent one depicting the cross on which Jesus was crucified. I loved the way it looked displayed above the mantle in our family room.

Earlier this year I watched a "Trading Spaces" episode where they placed a mirror above a fireplace, and explained how to angle it downward to reflect the room, giving it a bigger appearance. That made me think about making a change to our brick wall by removing the wall hanging and replacing it with a mirror. One day we were looking for some unrelated thing, when I spotted a "perfect" mirror. The price was right, so we snatched it up. My hubby finally got around to hanging it, and I was so excited to have a new change (he hates any changes in furniture rearrangement, etc). But after hanging the mirror, what it reflected appeared distorted. It's hard to explain, almost like looking at a picture that has been skewed incorrectly. In fact, the mirror actually makes one dizzy if you stare into it while you are moving. **sigh** I love the mirror, but I avoid looking into it whenever I'm "moving". I warn all our visitors about it, also. Our son, who makes windows for a living, told us the mirror was warped. Who ever heard of a warped mirror? Not me! Live and learn. I suppose some day we'll replace the mirror with another one.

The imperfect mirror made me think of how many times we might look at our reflections and either miss something that others "see" in us, or perhaps see something in ourselves that others don't. Reflections can be deceiving--even in a "perfect" mirror.

Oh, the wall hanging? It is proudly displayed at the top of our stairs where every visitor can look on its beauty, and hopefully feel the love of God that cements our house.

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