Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Sad and Depressing Day

Nearly every day there is an article in my local newspaper about child abuse. My friends and I discuss these instances, citing that the parent or significant other adults involved should be heavily punished. It is inconceivable that anyone can do the horrible things we read. Yet, we are removed. We know it happens, but it happens to strangers, not to anyone we know or not in our families. Today I was slammed hard with the knowledge that it can hit home.

My son's best friend, who practically grew up in our home and still calls me Mom, lost his two year old granddaughter. How? His daughter abused the child who died as a result. When I first heard of the death, I heard the child had actually fallen down the stairs and later died of a ruptured intestine. All I could think of was how tragic that this had happened, and that the child's remains were being held for autopsy and the incident was being investigated as possible abuse. Last night the mother admitted she had abused the child and tried to cover the bruises with makeup because she was afraid of getting in trouble when they took the child to the hospital. She was arraigned in court today and the funeral is Monday.

I can't imagine the pain that family is enduring now. The terrible loss of a beautiful child, and the knowledge that another family member was responsible. Now they face in addition to a funeral, the publicity and horror of a court trial.

My prayers are for the family, and for God to care for his new little angel.

God entrusts us with these little angels. We are to care for them and keep them safe. If ever I needed proof that Satan is ever present, it is with the knowledge that the world's children are not safe. Not even with their parents.

With heavy heart, I now fall to my knees.

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