Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Administrative Professionals Day

Tomorrow is touted as Administrative Professionals Day. I remember when our individual bosses used to get us flowers and/or cards as a special thank you. To me that meant a lot. Just a card is very special. Our new President, who happens to be my superior, never gives a card or recognizes any holiday or special event. Not even a card at Christmas.

For the past two years, the company has catered in a lunch for the hourly people as a way to recognize Administrative Professionals Day. Now, it's no secret that my boss, the President, expects to be fed whenever food is brought into the building. We have meetings that run all day, supplier meetings that run through lunch, and the admins know to order extra because the President won't attend the meetings, but he sure doesn't miss the lunch.

Last year at our "Admin" lunch, he met me in the hall and asked where the lunch was being held. And, he walked in and joined us! I made sure I sat at the end of the table farthest away from him. The email we received on Friday telling us about the lunch was accompanied with the last sentence...President XXX (name left blank to protect me!) will be eating lunch with you.

I've tried and tried to accept this gift from the company with the right heart, but I'm struggling. I don't even want to attend. I realize that is wrong and I need to change my thinking regarding this and get rid of the resentment. Perhaps if I respected the man, it would be easier to do. But I don't respect his business ethics.

This man comes in at ten am, when our business opens at eight. He takes two to three hour lunches. He leaves for two hours to get his hair cut. I have to make personal arrangements for him and his wife and two adult sons to take vacations together. Yes, that includes air travel and hotel. BUT, he doesn't allow me to help anyone else in the office with business related issues. He says it isn't my job.

So...my question of the day is how do I attend this luncheon with a smile on my face and resentment washed from my heart and mind?

Thanks for listening to my rambling!

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