Monday, April 21, 2008

And A Little Child Shall Lead Them...

What a fabulous weekend! Saturday, a little rain, but since I was meeting with my local writing group, we didn't even notice until we left the library. Super speaker, wonderful conversations about our favorite topic...writing. And Sunday, what a gorgeous sunny day! I'm sooo ready for spring.

As for the topic of my blog, I know first hand the truth behind the words in the Bible. I might be against the law for teachers to teach or promote religion, but it isn't against the law for students. Friday my 10 year old grandson did something that has lifted my heart and showed me that God is present in our lives, despite all those who try to change that. Kody was participating in "Book Wars" at his public school. When my daughter arrived at the school, she saw three of the teams but not the one Kody was on. Then she spied a group of children in a semicircle with their heads bowed...and Kody was praying for them! Yes!

Did Kody's team win? They didn't win the Book War, but they are winners in a much bigger way.

"They" may try and remove God from our schools, but they will never remove Him from our hearts and lives, and the little children will lead the way.

God bless, and thanks for stopping by.

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