Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Meet Boo - Short-Haired Semi-Feral Cat

Boo is a beautiful, sleek-coated male. As a tiny kitten, he was the most inquisitive of all the babies. Though he was one of the first to be trapped and sent to the vet, he didn't run away after being released. He'd jump on the traps and try his best to get back inside to get food when we tried to catch the remaining more timid cats. We'd pick him up and move him and he didn't mind our touch at all. He has gorgeous green eyes. As you can see from the pic, whenever one of his humans comes outside, he has to see what's going on. Not even the biggest snow storm of the year can hold him back.

Please spay and neuter your pets. One "lost"
orphan can create many offspring. If you
have a feral population in your area, there
are organizations who will help.

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