Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Meet Boots, Short-Haired Orange Tabby

Boots is probably the tamest, sweetest cat in our semi-feral colony. He is one of the oldest of the bunch. Both he and Fuzzy were from what we believe might have been one of the first litters born in our neighbors back yard. I remember our neighbor lying on the ground to get Boots to come to him and occasionally I'd see him holding the little cat. Boots has four white feet and is so chubby. When we first built their shelter we put straw in the bottom to keep them warm and we began to notice Boots was losing his hair. He had lots of red skin showing. Finally, we decided he might be allergic to the straw so we removed it and went out to buy a huge king size bed quilt. A few weeks after that, Boots skin condition went away. He loves to have his white tummy rubbed. He's a very special boy.

Spay and Neuter your cats, please.
And don't abandon them if you move.
They have way to protect or fend
for themselves, regardless of what
you might think. They are innocent

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