Monday, May 12, 2008

Meet Molly - Short-Haired Calico Feral Cat

Molly likes to sleep in the woodpile under our deck. She feels protected there since it is completely closed in with lattice and a closed door. Molly will let us pet her while she's waiting for the food trays to be put down. I first met Molly as a very tiny kitten with a loud cry. She was sitting all alone under the bushes. A few days later, a fuzzy tiger mama cat came to our yard to join the other three with their litters. She had twolittle kittens, Molly and a little male we called Tigger. Tigger was sick. We found him lying by the water dish, weak and unable to walk one morning after they'd been weaned. I put him in a small box lined with towels under the deck where he would be safe. Molly stayed with him after I left. The next morning, Tigger was dead. I had to move him, but Molly was so protective of her brother and she hissed at me and tried to stop me from taking him. And she was no bigger than my hand. For days she remained in the spot where her brother died. Finally she ventured into the crowd of kittens. She was much tinier than the other cats and had to jump inside the wallpaper trough to eat. Today she's a a fat and sassy little gal. She will grab the food dish and pull it if we don't set it down fast enough.

Please spay and neuter your animals. Be kind and prevent
other unwanted animals from being born into a cruel

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