Friday, May 02, 2008

Meet Mittens...Mixed Breed Ragdoll Semi-Feral

Meet Mittens. When mittens was born, her mother placed the litter in our woodpile, but moved them when we discovered their location. Somehow she missed Mittens. We heard this mournful cry and spied a tiny white ball of fur on the concrete between two piles of wood in our enclosed woodpile under our deck. We were afraid to try and rescue the little thing for fear the mother wouldn't come back. Eventually the little white ball disappeared, later emerging as this beautiful mixed breed ragdoll. Isn't she sweet? Today Mittens is a beautiful two-year-old with powder blue eyes. She's my sweetie-pie. She purrs loud, rolls over for tummy rubs, and allows me to cut out the mats that form over the winter months in her very thick long fur. She likes to give me finger licks, and will hold my hand in her paws and give me gentle love bites.

Mittens is afraid of loud noises, sudden movements, and anyone other than my hubby, Ron, and myself. She depends on us for food, shelter and water but retains her right to roam the great outdoors, although she spend most of her time in our backyard. She likes to sleep under the camper or under one of the large bushes outlining our fenceline.

Please spay and neuter your animals to prevent another innocent creature from being born into a world where few people care.

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