Thursday, May 01, 2008

TNR for Feral Cats

The feral communities are huge all around the world. We need more caring people to start TNR programs. It's the only solution to this growing problem. Hook up with local veterinarians or humane societies to find the best solution. We rented our three traps. It took a month to capture all the felines. The biggest problem we encountered was keeping the smaller and friendlier animals from going back into the traps for food. We did our trapping a bit differently. We started feeding the cats inside the traps during the week, then withheld food one day of the week. The following evening we went outside and put food in the traps and stood aside until we "caught" one or two in a single trap. We had to stay close by because one particular little black cat wasn't afraid. He'd already been neutered, but he waasn't afraid of the trap and kept trying to get inside to the food. We had to scare the already neutered ones away, while trying to not frighten the ones still needing neutering. It was tedious work, but well worth the month long effort.

Tomorrow I'll post some pictures of our feral family now. They are healthy, and many are friendly enough to allow tummy rubs!

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