Friday, June 06, 2008

Comfortable Clutter

If I had a dollar for every time I've cleaned my writing office, I'd be well on my way to having a huge savings account!

I have a nice large desk with lots of space on either side of my keyboard and monitor. Lots of room for the "papers" I'd need when I'm writing...or so I thought. But, somehow it always ends up cluttered with "things". My purse, a new writing craft book, two RT Book Reviews magazines, some printouts for an online class in deep editing, my Thesaurus, Dictionary, Bible, book with sites and log in info, hand cream, two cups of pens and highlighters, the phone....

And guess what? The most writing I do here is my blogging, my RWA chapter newsletter, emails, and internet research. There's just too much distraction when I sit here to write and I find my mind wandering away from my characters. So, I do my best writing on my laptop on the deck, in the living room, the family room, my car at lunch.

But I know I'll soon spend another afternoon de-cluttering my office space and standing back to admire it.'ll wind up full of clutter again in record time. There's just something comfortable about clutter!

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