Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Still Down for the Count

Diagnosed with bronchitis on Friday and put on antibiotics. Made it through the weekend, though things worsened on Sunday night. Went to work on Monday but not sure how I got through the day. Made an appt with doctor for Tuesday morning.

X-ray of lungs: good
Diagnosis: Severe bronchitis
Treatment: Breathing treatment in dr. office; sample given of albuterol inhaler for use at home; steroid prescription to remove inflammation in bronchial tubes to work in conjunction with antibiotic already in system; Mucinex DM to aid with cough and congestion.

Felt better as the day went on. Coughing has lessened. No longer have to go into coughing spasms to talk or breathe. Still running low grade fever in the evening.

Writing accomplishments: Nothing.

Ugh! Not a good day. Hopefully I'll have a better day today.

Thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

I was down for the count last week. Hope you're feeling better!

Carol Ann said...

Thank you!