Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Carpal Tunnel or ... ?

At the booksigning on Sunday afternoon, a weird thing happened. It felt as if the tips of my fingers on the right hand were going to sleep. Kind of scary, but since I didn't feel bad I figured it would go away. It hasn't. In fact it's gotten worse. My index finger is the worst, but I can also feel it on the outside of my pinky finger to some extent. An aching pain started that runs across the back on my hand across the wrist and in the evening affects my whole arm and even my shoulder. I have a strange raised bump on the index finger joint farthest away from the nail.

I read symptoms last night on the internet to try and self-diagnose. The pain in the entire arm seems to mimic carpal tunnel, but supposedly it doesn't affect the pinky finger. And a ganglion cyst on the finger joint appears on the first joint closest to the nail bed.

So...what is wrong with me? As usual, I'm a unique case.

It's the first day of July and we are now on the downhill side of the year and closing in on Christmas! I can't believe how fast this year is passing. Here in Columbus it is supposed to be a near perfect day. Clear blue skies, lots of sunshine, low humidity and in the high 70's. But, I'll be in a totally windowless building all day, in my little office, wishing I could sit on my deck and write. Someday...

Thanks for stopping by and if you have any idea what might be plaguing me, please leave me a comment!

See you tomorrow.

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