Monday, July 14, 2008

Confessions of a Pantster

I, Carol Ann Erhardt, do hereby swear that I am a pantster. I've tried to overcome this and become a plotter, but pantster roots are deeply imbedded in my creative genes. My latest foray into the plotting world was a storyboarding class. Why not? I thought. I liked the concept because it didn't take writing down a full synopsis prior to embarking on a new project. Instead I would have a nice neat foam board filled with pretty colored post-its and it would give me a picture of my novel in progress, keep me on track, and it would be easy to change as I went moved forward with the project. Great concept!

I actually created a beautiful storyboard. It sits in my office, looking impressive, but it intimidates me. Instead I started a totally different project with no outline, not storyboard, no synopsis. All I have is an idea of what the novel is to accomplish. I'm having a great time writing the project, and I'm not "curbed" by any outline or storyboard.

Maybe someday I'll write the novel I've outlined on my board, but for now, it idea...fully outlined...

I'm a pantster.

Carol Ann Erhardt
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"A little boy who knows too much...a mother who will do anything to save him."

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