Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Sucked Into a Black Hole and Lost Forever

That's what happened to my latest additions to my novel. I have a flash drive that I work off of at work when I have nothing to do and need to fill in some blank time. So, the first instance happened just before Christmas. I was working away on making major revisions to a novel and at the end of the day I hit save...and received a message that the system could not access the flash drive! I kept trying to no avail. Then I tried to save as and the same thing happened. When I pulled up the contents of the flash drive...the file did not exist! So, I lost all those wonderful revisions.

On the 26th I began a new novel. I worked off my hard drive instead of the flash and when I finished I would copy it to my flash so I could work on my home computer. On Saturday, being involved in a week of PowerDraft with my local chapter where we enter goals and work hard to achieve them, I began working on my new novel. I made some revisions to the first six pages and typed another three and decided to call it a night. Hit save...yep. I'd been working off the flash drive and "voila!" the entire file had been sucked into a black hole, never to return. **sigh**

Yesterday I was able to retrieve the original six pages and added another ten. I saved the file to a brand new flash drive, but now I'm afraid to work directly off it.

Anyone else ever had that problem with a flash drive?

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